My name is Linda and this is my story.  I was born in the Northeastern part of Pennsylvania in the United States.  I grew up in a small town called Drums on the side of a mountain in the house that my mother grew up in.  I lived with my mother and father and two siblings.  We had only one neighbor that had children and we did not get together often.  Although I had my brother and sister I often felt very alone.  

My father was a very difficult person, a lot of things he did back then hurt me but I now know that was due to ghost from his own past(hurting people hurt people) that being said, I do believe he loved me in the way that he could.  

My father and mother were both musicians.  My father played in bands most of his life.  He wrote country music, played guitar, violin and sang.  I still can hear them playing and singing together.   My mother always had a gentle voice both singing and reading stories to us when we were little.  Her voice was one of the biggest comforts I had growing up in a house filled with turmoil.  

From the time I was very little I always loved music.  When I was around five years old I would pick out a few keys on my mom's organ and make up spontaneous songs.   In elementary school I wrote a song and entered it in a creative arts contest.  I won first place in the school district and even had my picture in the paper.  As music was shaping the person that I became so also did the tumultuous family life that I had.   I was very compassionate toward people from a young age. I think the fact that I was treated harshly made me sympathetic to anyone who was hurting.  I was a very sensitive child and had my heart broken at home and in school frequently and never felt like I fit in anywhere.  I became very desperate for love and acceptance and lived a life without much direction and made a lot of mistakes.  During my teenage years I started writing songs.  I kept a book of what I wrote and knew deep in my heart that it was my life's passion and that I had something to say.  

When I was 13 I wrote a song called "You are My Beloved".  At the time my father was recording and had a small studio.  He recorded it for me and for the first time I got to see what it was like to hear what I had created come back to me.  At that time I wrote about love and I had such a sense of it's importance in the world.  I wanted to encourage people to reach for more and make the world a better place.  

The night of my High School Prom was one of the highlights of my life.  Throughout high school things had gotten better for me.  I started to have more and more friends.  The night of the Prom a girlfriend that was part of my group, knew the lead female singer of the band that played at the prom("No Pets Aloud") .  That night I got to sing with the band after 12 years of feeling like I wasn't anything special.  I sang fearlessly that night and it was the thrill of my life.

When I turned 18 I left my father's house as quickly as I could.  From the time I was 18 until I was 31 I lived in different places alone and with different people, working minimum wage jobs with no real direction in my life.   All that I knew is that I did not want to be alone.  I went through some very painful relationships in that time.  I did have a lot of fun though too. I sang in a couple of bands with some very funny and interesting people.  After that I recorded an album with a talented guitar player that I knew.  Although we didn't do anything with the EP  it was a good experience for me and gave me a clearer vision of my destiny.

By the time I was in my middle to late 20's I felt like my world was falling apart.  I had yet to find the person that was my soulmate and settled for relationships that hurt myself and others because I so feared being alone.   All of my life I just wanted to be happily married and have a family.  I was so preoccupied with that thought that I didn't pursue my other dream.   I didn't even know how to.  Of course like all of our stories there is much more to my life than this but not words or time will permit me to tell it.


 Then came Chris.  I have known him since I was 17.  I had a crush on him then but he did not feel the same.   The first band I was ever in was his first band.  I went to his parents house and auditioned and he said, "You're in."  That lasted for two weeks.  Until the drummer decided he didn't want a female singer.  At least that is the story that I got.   After that we were just friends, always having a connection with each other through mutual friends.   

When I was 29 Chris asked me to sing with him.  We played in clubs for a year and a half as just friends.   At that time our relationship grew and something changed.  One night Chris revealed his true feelings for me, after a few drinks of course, and many years of longing for love came to a quick end.  We were married three months later and I loved him so and I love him so now...

We did stop playing in clubs we have sung and played for years in our church and have sought God and Truth together.

We have three children that we love very much and I can't tell you how thankful I am to God for my family and for Chris.

If were all over tomorrow I feel as if I have been given much more than I could ever ask for in life.

My mother lives with us now along with Sadie my collie and Iggy my cat.  Now many years later we sense that it is time to take our lives further.  We are writing music together, making videos and want to share the truths and hope that we've  found with the world and so is born......Starr.